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    MF135 Cylinder Head Rear Core Plug

    Hi, This weekend the core plug at the back of the cylinder head on my 1968 MF135 decided to spring a large leak (Perkins AD3 152 engine). Has anyone changed one of these before? Is it possible to replace with the cylinder head attached to the block? In general I need to know how far to strip...
  2. C

    Max 26 XL electrical / glow plug controller issue

    My tractor has started giving me trouble after 8 yrs of no problems. The glow plug controller buzzes, dash go dim, then go out, results in a no start. Disconnect battery and re- connect, power comes back and starts, most of the time. Anyone else has these symptoms?
  3. C

    ck20hst snap ring on hydraulic drain plug.

    I've made the repairs to the engine interface plate hardware and crank shaft bearing cover, with new seals and hardware. view"ck20 clutch post" Now I'm investigating the snap ring on the drain plug issue. I've removed the 3 pt hitch hydraulic assembly and nothing appears to be out of place. Once...
  4. S

    Lazy Way to Fix Cart Tire Hole too Big for Plug?

    This isn't about a tractor, exactly, but I have a tractor, so I feel I should be allowed to cheat. I have a gas EZGO with a big hole in a tire. It was patched with a plug long before I got the cart, and it held air for years, but then it started leaking. I redid the patch, and it's not working...
  5. nasal

    Breather vent plug for Mahindra eMax 25

    I am attempting to determine if my eMax 25 has a vent plug. I can find no reference to one in the owner's manual. If there is a vent plug where is it located? Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.
  6. R

    12mm Female Square Drain Plug/ Pipe Plug Socket ?? TYM Front axle drain & Vent pugs

    Hi Guys, I'm in Canada, and looking for a 12mm pipe plug/drain plug socket for the 4 drain plugs on the T25 front axle. Im not a fan of using open ended crescent wrenches on hard to remove plugs, inevitably they get gauled up Looking everywhere I cant find a 12mm. I find 10mm and lots of...
  7. A

    TC40DA Hydraulic fill plug

    Hi all, Lost my hydraulic fill plug today when slashing some hairy grass on the neighbours place. The part is SBA398430560 which would be easy as pie to get if I was in the USA. However I'm in Australia and I can't get it easily...
  8. B

    7 way Trailer plug

    I have a 2024 2638 hst. There’s a plug on the back next to a bracket where the 7 way would go. Anyone ever found one to fit?
  9. A

    1626 glow plug controller

    We have a 1626 that my son had left the key on. The glow plug controller buzzed when we jumped it, I tapped it and it started. Now nothing. Checked the fuses, injector ground bar. We replaced the controller, does it need to be flashed? Thanks!
  10. B

    2015 Mahindra emax 25 glow plug timer location

    New member here. I’m trying to diagnose a glow plug circuit issue. My glow plug light only comes on for 1 second before it goes out regardless of what the coolant temperature is. I have the service manual for the tractor but it’s not very helpful. It says it should have a go relay, gp timer and...
  11. Code54

    3PT lawn plugger aerator made by E.A - SOLD

    Commercial duty 3PT lawn plugger aerator made by E.A. . This 36" model has 6 independent wheels with 3/4" rear discharge, high tempered, galvanized spoons that are made in the USA and are easily replaceable. I believe it is listed as being around 550-600lbs. It is made to work on a Subcompact...
  12. M

    How to repair tire?

    I have a 2006 Kioti CK30 and I put a 1/2 inch slit between the lugs on my front tire. I imagine this could be patched on the inside, or maybe plugged in some fashion? What would be best? With luck 2 pictures are attached. Who would be best to do it? If a plug I could get a kit, else is this...