1. H

    5xxxe series brake question

    I'm wondering if anyone has experimented (or even considered experimenting) with leaving the brake piston retractors out of the brake pistons on any of these tractors? Having been into a few tractors for brake problems and knowing there have been questions about the effectiveness of them I've...
  2. E

    sicklebar mower question

    I have just finished restoring a 1948 Farmall Super A. An IH sicklebar mower (I don't know the model, and don't know how to tell what it is) came with it needing a lot of repair. I have it all together and it goes back and forth like it should, however it immediately plugs up when trying to...
  3. PineRidge

    MT242HC safety light question

    Can anyone identify the plug I need to tap into the power that would normally go to the rear safety lights? This jack is on both sides just under the top of the cab. Thanks in advance.
  4. 2515R Dude

    New roof question

    I want to replace my roof. I noticed some roof contractors make valley with metal (sorry, i dont know the terms, i guess it is valley flashing but might be wrong) and some just overlap shingles. Does it make any difference and which one is the way to go in your opinion?
  5. T

    New barn build – compressed air question

    I am building a new 44’ x 48’ workshop that will be next to my existing 40’ x 60, barn. Instead of buying a new compressor for the new workshop, I am thinking about running a 200 psi rated black polyethylene pipe from from the existing barn to the new barn. Any opinions?
  6. C

    Lead acid Battery question

    Given a fixed volume (size dimensions) Which battery Voltage provides the most available energy (Ah) ? I'm talking about small batteries as might be fitted to a TRACTOR. ;-)
  7. J

    Home electrical question

    I'm bringing home a Craftsman planer/molder which was my father's. It runs on 220/15 or 20 amp, I don't remember which. Eventually I will build my garage and set it up in there but for now need to hook up a temporary power supply. My place is wired for an electric range but I use propane. I am...
  8. R

    Jd 5045e question

    I have a 2012 jd 5045e 4wd with 9/3 transmission. The center hump between your feet gets really hot and I was wondering if there was an insulated cover or something to shield the heat.
  9. S

    Windows 11 Office 365 Question

    Not really a good sub-forum to ask this but better that any other I could figure. My Windows 11 computer/laptop did an update early Friday morning. Weird stuff started to happen and I finally figured out it was moving all my data files to the OneDrive cloud. Not copying them but moving them...
  10. O

    RPM Question

    KIOTI Ck2610 - doing dirt work and lifting ibc totes of wood, what type of RPMs should I be looking at?
  11. rmonio

    Z930 - Question concerning one Joy Stick being too “over controlling” vs. the other

    On my new Z930M, the right joystick seems to be too over controlling (at least in my opinion). For example, if I’m driving a straightaway I cannot push the right joystick all the way forward (when the left is all the way forward) as it will push the mower to the left. This reminds me of when a...
  12. P

    Hearing Aid Question...

    Was reading posts this morning over coffee and came across one that got me to thinking about a topic I've been avoiding. In addition to a number of other things, I've been a scientist for an industrial chemical remediation firm and a zookeeper. Two of the occupational hazards with those have...
  13. G

    YM1700 injector timing question

    Hello - I've read through many of the injector timing questions and answers but am finding my attempt at checking the timing confusing so I'm thinking I'm interpreting the instructions incorrectly. My process has been to remove the injector lines from the injectors, manually turn the engine...
  14. J

    Question - CNH / Prince Hydraulic Valves

    Does anyone know if the stack valves that Case/New Holland uses for their mid-mount & rear remotes on the Farmall/JX/TN/Other series are the same flange pattern as the Prince Series 20 valves? They *look* to be the same; I'm not near the tractor at the moment to compare dimensions.
  15. M

    New shop build vent question?

    I am in the process of ordering my shop 28x40 and i am torn between getting 12”x12” frame out put in for fans. The intent of the fans is to pull the heat (and fumes) out of the shop during summer. However i do intend to heat the shop during winter. So then i would have to deal with the holes. I...
  16. C

    NH 276 baler question

    Going over a new to me 276. On the twine finger lever (part #66188) there is one spring (part # 143224). It sure looks to me like there should be two? Searching images I see one and two? There seems to be an identical attachment point for another. Parts diagrams I have found list part but...
  17. Marcle

    Quick TX question.How many turns lock to lock

    Quick TX question.How many turns lock to lock does your steering wheel rotate please? Why? I've had my steering box to bits, and I think I've not assembled it correctly! Thanks in advance @everyone :)
  18. big bubba

    weed wacker question

    it's the time of year when grass, esp fescue, get thick with stems & seedpod in it's initial spring growth. i weed eat around 3 acres of trees & 3 pond dams. use a heavy duty bicycle harness weed eater & seems i'm forever having to lay it down to remove stems wrapped around cutter head (no...
  19. E

    A question for the shooters here about laser sights.

    I have a laser pointer sight, the type that clamps to the barrel and projects a laser beam to the target. I was cleaning the front window and noticed that the window was glued in at an angle. About 15 degrees. I looked carefully and the window is not glued in at that angle mistakenly, the sight...
  20. J

    MF35 industrial question

    I just bought a MF 35 tractor with a loader. UGF 655000100 It’s in rough shape but it starts and runs and the loader works. I don’t know the exact year it is a gasoline engine and as near as I can figure it’s a 1957. There some questions I have about operating it
  21. T

    M9540 cab disassembly question

    My pto spring broke and I’m pretty sure the only way to access it is to remove the entire ride side console that covers everything. Is there an easier way ? Is it as big of a PITA as it looks? Assuming all the plastic caps are going to need to be replaced afterwards. Right now I have a big...
  22. E

    geared tractor operation question

    This property I bought came with a Deere 5105, which has a pretty basic gear transmission- sycnros only between low range and reverse. I'm going to do some mowing with a rotary cutter. I've driven manual transmission motorcycles, cars and trucks quite a bit but my tractors have been HST. So I...
  23. T

    M9540 loader question

    Recently picked up a 2010 Everyting runs good but had a question on the loader, is it normal to have to rev the rpms up in order to lift the bucket up ? It operates as Normal except seems I have to rev it up to get going. It is strong and can lift a good amount of weight just didn’t know...
  24. MHarryE

    Coolant Replacement Question

    My Kubota M7 manual maintenance schedule is to replace coolant every 2 years. Mine is now 7 years old and I decided to replace even though test strips said the original coolant was in excellent condition. I went by the manual except for flushing the system - based on test strip results and logic...
  25. O

    1/2" Flat Face Quick Connect Question

    Got a Frost Bite Log Grapple, came with 2 male 1/2" couplers. Need one female. The threads on the hose are 1/2" FPT, the new coupler is 1/2" NPT about 0.030" difference by my calipers. Anyone know about this?
  26. N

    Frontier RC2060 question

    I noticed the manual said to measure the front of the cutter vs the rear to set the angle. But as far as cut height, are y’all measuring from the bottom of deck to the ground? It looks as if these blades are even with the bottom of the cutter. MAYBE 1/4” higher. Other cutters I’ve seen the...
  27. B

    Basic Question on Return and Return to Tank on Open Center Systems

    So I am new to Hydraulics but am in the process of adding rear remotes to my LX2610 that would come off the power beyond supply lines I use for my BH77 backhoe. I think I have it figured out, but came across something doing my research that I would like to understand - I don't think I need it...
  28. N

    Frontier RC2060 quality question

    Hello all. I bought a used Frontier RC2060 cutter for my tractor. It had some rust in the corners, so I disassembled it and repainted it, looks good now. When I had it apart I notice the back left corner was “kicked up” about a half inch. In other words when I set it on the floor it won’t sit...
  29. lsgreg

    MT225S with LB1300 backhoe questions

    First post, and a new owner of an LS MT225S. I am trying to figure a few things out, and cannot find what I need in the manuals. Three questions: First, what is this thing on the stabilizer leg for (item #8)? I cannot find a use for it. Second, the seat is difficult to lift for rotating...
  30. moparguy55

    Massey 1547 hst question on trans fluid and gear range

    Hello 1900hrs on my 08 1547 had all new engine oil filter trans fluid and filters. He out April tdh in it. I see it says meets some massey specs. Started it hot was on a slight incline in high range and when i went to take off it had a delay. Got to checking fluid and it maybe down a little...
  31. P

    Disabled Snapper Zero Turn Towing Assistance (Hydrostatic-drive related question)

    Hey folks... hopefully this is the correct forum as it relates to the hydrostatic drives on my zero turn. The main belt and/or tensioner went out on our zero turn the other day when my son was mowing. As you might expect that happened in a place that's not conducive to making easy repairs. I'd...
  32. Bansil

    PTO Generator question

    Looking to pick 1 up, problem is hp rating@ 7200 watt is 14 hp, that's not much better than my gas genie 12000 watt is 24 hp, this would be ideal But my tractor is 19.5 hp, can I use the bigger one? At reduced capacity? Like 10000 watts
  33. C

    kubota B2601 tiller question

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I can use a Kubota FS1000 48" Tiller with the Kubota B2601. My son in law lent me this tiller and I want to be sure that it can be used before I unload it off the trailer. This tiller has a sliding shaft with the PTO connection on one end and it slides into the...
  34. S

    Stump removal: planer question

    I need to remove stumps in a larger area I'm clearing. Most of the stumps I'd like to remove are hedge which are killing my mowers. Already bent many blades and cracked a spindle housing. I'm considering a stump planner for use on my bobcat. I'm concerned that the planner might not work on...
  35. M

    Titan Tire Question

    Looking at a Kubota L4802 with the Titan Trac Loader II tires (Kubota exclusive) on it and wondering what people know about them. I’ve always used R4 industrial tires for their puncture resistance because I’m out in the woods mostly and worry about little stumps, etc. The R4s have always worked...
  36. 5

    JD 2030 Remote Hydraulics Question

    Hey everyone, I picked up this 2030 at an auction recently and I have a question about the rear remotes. Looking at what is on the tractor and comparing with the few pictures I can find online, there are controls for these remotes, correct? If you look at the pictures, the lines run straight to...
  37. J

    Fermec 640B master cylinder question

    Hi everyone, I am new to the group. My question is does anyone have the correct part number for the master cylinders on a 1999 Fermec 640B skip loader? Thanks, Justin
  38. D

    LW8 backhoe hydraulic hose o ring question

    Just wondering what type of o ring the hydraulic hoses take for sealing on my LW8? The description is o ring but is that true or are they some type of flat rubberized seal? Any idea of the sizes used on the backhoe and I guess the loader as well. I’m just replacing the lines outer spiral wrap as...
  39. M

    Question on 806

    Guy selling an806 with loader states in sometimes slips in reverse any advice on why only reverse ? Buy or stay away?
  40. S

    TN 40 W hydraulics question.

    I'm looking at getting a newer tractor with front end loader and have some questions about the NH TN 40. My 4000 Ford has a very weak hydraulics system for the loader and am looking for a much better hydraulics system. I have run Kubotas and know they have a very strong hydraulics system and am...
  41. F

    Question on weighted rear wheels

    On the Farmall Super A, is the heaviest wheel supposed to be on the driver's side? Mine is on side of the motor.
  42. D

    Question about return filters

    Just got my ht-18 on Tuesday and before I put too many hours on it I want to add a return filter and change out the mystery oil that came with it. What pressure relief do I get with the filter housing? and what micron filter?
  43. F

    Howard Rotovator Rototiller: PTO Question

    I have an old Howard Rotovator rototiller with a 12 spring twin disc slip clutch instead of the shear pin type Universal Joint. A month or so ago the clutch started smoking. I adjusted the compression springs however since then my PTO spins normally but the rotor only spins above the ground...
  44. F

    Trailer brakes and bearings replaced question

    I just replaced my trailer (10K) brakes and while I was at it I did the bearings as well since they had some age on them. First let me say I have done bearings on NEW axles before but not replacement on long time USED axles. I followed all the specs as per usual on the bearings but I always...
  45. S

    Ballast question; John Deere 5055E;

    I am trying to determine the proper rear ballast for my 5055E. I have a 520M loader that has a max lift of over 3k lbs. I want to lift at least a ton and trying to determine rear ballast. The manual for the loader shows two options for a cab tractor and one option for OOS. I have an OOS. The...
  46. H

    Chain size question

    Will chains listed as fitting 14.9 x 24 tire, fit on a tire marked 16.9 x 24? Thanks for any wisdom.
  47. M

    Sharecropping question

    I am interested to know from anyone who does sharecropping or owns farm ground and has someone else farm it on 1/3s, are you doing a pure 1/3 to land owner and 2/3 to farmer? When I say 'pure' I mean the complete 1/3 to land owner without any expenses taken out.
  48. Lunchbox765

    Kioti LK2554 fluid glass eye question??

    just purchased a tractor and the hydro/tranny fluid was milky I also notice the glass eye was milky. I changed fluid and the glass eye is still milking is there anyway to clean it or replace? I tried to slide something down next to the gears and clean it but failed
  49. 2

    Charles Machine Works trencher repower question

    I have acquired a Charles Machine Works trencher. Been sitting in a barn for at least 16 years dormant. I have turned the engine over and no comp. I guess a valve could be stuck open. I have a 13hp Honda OHV that used to be a pressure washer that needs a home. Has anyone ever repowered one...
  50. A

    Question about greasing bearings

    I have a double axel utility trailer. I usually use it for relatively short trips a few times a year, maybe 200-300 miles a year. I have two questions: When I replaced the bearings about 6 years ago, of course I greased the bearings good when I installed them. How often should I grease them and...
  51. K

    Horse fence question

    So , I’m building a fence for horses. Im getting the local sawmill to mill the boards for me. (Hemlock) My question is what should I treat the boards with? don’t want to use actual paint of course. I assume just a stain of some sort?
  52. California

    Tax Question

    I've had modest net income from my apple orchard, until recently when insurance cost tripled along with two years of bad weather and low production. My role in the orchard is to backhoe out the stumps of trees that fell, to prepare for replacements. Then water and maintain new trees until they...
  53. G

    Yanmar YM2420 Fan Belt question

    My fan belt broked on my Yanmar 2420. I found a belt that fits but I am not sure I have re-installed it correctly. I never really looked at the belt when it was on the tractor. From what I could tell the belt needs to be on outside of the lower raidator hose..meaning I had to take the lower...
  54. M

    question about Sundstrand hydrostatic

    Can anyone tell me how many GPM a Sauer / Sundstrand hydrostatic drive series 15 pump is? It's a 15-2294 CW
  55. M

    question about motor control valve

    I built about five years ago a fire wood processor that is run by Hydraulics. The processor has a 30" chainsaw bar with a 404 chain on it. I have a hydraulic spool valve that has an open center that is hooked to a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is hooked to the 30" chainsaw bar. This is what...
  56. B

    Yet another diesel question

    I'm new at all of this, so I apologize if this has been asked before. I filled my diesel can week before last, filling up at a local gas station. when I looked at the fuel when I got home, I saw that it is red. I thought that red fuel was for off road use only?? I didn't expect to see red fuel...
  57. K

    Replacing Tachometer, compatibility question

    Hi all, I have a 1966 MF 180 diesel. The tach needs replacing and I am having a hard time find exact replacement. My other gauges have been switched to color ones like the newer Masseys. My question is since my tach runs off of the generator can I use ant tach the has the same rotation or are...
  58. Duds13

    Pallet Fork / Lift Capacity question

    Hello All. I operate a hobby maple farm and I'd like to make some improvements to my sap collection process. Right now I use my Kubota BX2200 and I tow a 55 gallon tank in a small dump cart. This is our first year using reverse osmosis so the sap collection and planning of boils has changed...
  59. J

    LS MT122 Mid Mower Question

    Hello, I am new to the forum as well as the LS MT122 tractor. I am going to be purchasing an LS MT122 with a loader, backhoe, box scraper, and possible a mid mower to maintain a 1-acre property with 3/4 of an acre of grass. I am up in the air with the mid mower as there doesn't seem to be any...
  60. Steller13

    2014 GC1715 - Fuel Troubleshooting Question

    I got my old 'n busted 2014 running for a while, actually ran really well, but then it started having idle issues, and now it won't start. Prior to quitting it wouldn't increase engine speed above idle without revving up for a second, dropping back to idle, and then it would eventually stall...
  61. L

    Water pressure/ flow question

    I'm almost done getting the must-do's complete after moving into my new construction home. The water service to the house was a mix of me doing it myself and the plumbers tying into it. I have a 3/4" meter directly into a 3/4" regulator being serviced by a main that according to the water...
  62. R

    Factory radio question

    The radio in my ck30 HST does not play in the ACC position of the ignition switch. It only plays in the ON position. How big a job is it to get it to play in the ACC position so I can listen to the radio while stacking the wood I hauled in from the woods. The cab is factory. Does listening in...
  63. Bansil

    Old 5ft king kutter bush hog questions

    I found my old bush hog I used with my Ford 5000, I know I had to fill up gearbox every time I used it. So if I take apart gearbox and replace seals or unit. I would have to modify cat 2 to cat 1, no biggie. Can I use it with my kubota B2601? Can I get a shaft to link them? I went on their...