1. F

    Foton 404 Starter and Relay

    So the starter has failed in my 404, it is the QDJ1309 - K model. There may be a used one out there, and I have reached out to a couple of places listed on the forum, but have not heard back. I am looking into a possible rebuild too. Any suggestions are welcome. I also have a relay that is...
  2. J

    Tc40d starter relay questions

    Good morning everyone, I'm a brand new member. I am trying to find the thread about adding a relay to the starter circuit on a New Holland TC 40D. Can somebody point me in the right direction? I've got one that is doing the infamous intermittent click when you hit the key. It won't do it for a...
  3. J

    Safety relay location on a MF1260 (or 1240/1250)

    Mice chewed up some wiring. I've got it repaired enough to start but the engine dies as soon as I put it in gear or start the PTO. The safety switch under the seat is bypassed. I'm pretty sure the safety relay isn't getting engaged but I can't find the dang thing. Anyone know where it is?
  4. J

    CS2210 flasher relay

    I replaced one of the flasher lights on my Kioti CS2210 as it got broken recently. A little while later they wouldn't shut off, even with the switch off and the key out. I called the dealer who said it was probably a bad relay. I pulled the fuse (which also operates the horn) to stop it until...
  5. lgnxytr

    TYM T353 HST Won't Turn Over

    hey there folks, first post so lets try and make this simple as possible. So, i know it is winter and freezing temps so already conditions aren't on my side. well i went to start the tractor a week or so ago and it started up just fine. Ran inside to grab some tools to take with me and i come...