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    Lifting truss with FEL

    I'm building a small shelter for my RV. The scissor trusses weigh about 50lbs. I need to to lift them 17' at the top of the truss or 14' at the underside center. My plan: Use 3 14' 2x4 screwed together (poll) and ubolted to 1 pallet fork with a hook on the 14' end. I use the front end loader...
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    30 Second tractor canopy!

    I just made a canopy that can be put on and removed in about 30 seconds. It seems to work well and very inexpensive! Let me know your thoughts if you watch! thanks!
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    Yard trailer and quick dump

    A couple weeks ago I built rear 3 point control and got good feedback. This week I want to show you another if you want to look: It's a "trailer" that I can use to take with me on trips with the regular trailer. I also can use it to unload the truck in seconds. It also works to keep logs out...
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    Add Rear 3-point control to Subcompact?

    I just figured out how to add a rear 3-point lift control to the back of my RK25/TYM T25. I think this may work for most tractors: if you like it, please comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!
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    New Turnbuckle

    Anyone know where I can find this turnbuckle? RK 25. It vibrated off when I was grading a big drive. I would like it to match if possible. The turnbuckle length itself is 4" bolt measures about .5" across.
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    T25 (RK25) PTO Electrical short

    This was the first weekend that I have really used the PTO - couple hours and I was mowing. I stopped for a little bit and then started it up again at which it wouldn't do anything even though the dash light was on. I opened the fuse box and found the 5 amp blown for the PTO. I put another in...