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    EA Attachments vs Homestead Implements

    I'm going to throw this out there because I am really curious. What is the differences that would make one better than the other? For example how does the the EA Wicked 60 measure up against the HI Root Grapple Pinnacle series? EA Wicked 60...
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    Rock/Skeleton grapple vs Skelton Bucket+Root Grapple?

    I was originally going down the path is a rock/skeleton grapple to soft all the debris on it if the loam as I clear land but I am second guessing that idea. I'm starting to think having specialized equipment might be more efficient. That's why I'm now considering just buying a rock/skeleton...
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    How to? Add Summit Hydraulics 3rd function valve to Kubota L4200 with LA680

    Hello everyone! I'm a seasoned Kubota (and Ford) user but have never delved into modifying hydraulics. Currently, I have a late '90's Kubota L4200 with LA680 loader. The joystick valve has 7 lines going to it so presumably it has Power Beyond ready to go. Question, which lines are...
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    SOLD - Everything Attachments Wicked Root Grapple for Compact Tractors 54" - located in SW NH

    SOLD - Everything Attachments Wicked Root Grapple V2.0 for Compact Tractors 54", Universal Quick Attach compatible. Like new condition, used only last summer. See link below for details and current pricing. Asking $2200. Email [email protected]
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    Grapple Root Grapple for CUT recomendations

    I am starting to look for a grapple for my Bobcat CT2035 (35HP, 1650lbs lift). I really like the root grapple from EA (Subcompact Compact Tractor Wicked Root Grapple 50'' Single lid). The 54" is only 250lbs and 275lbs with the extra slats. I am fine with the single lid, as it keeps the weight...