1. J

    Kubota L48 serial number location?

    Hello, I have a Kubota L48 tractor/backhoe and the sticker that was on the driver's side front frame above the axle isn't there anymore. Is the tractor serial # stamped somewhere on the tractor? Thanks in advance!!
  2. DR1

    Serial number decoding

    Does anyone remember what the serial numbers stand for on 1980s up to 2000 Ford tractors? 25 years ago I worked at a Ford/New Holland dealer & could read them without thinking when we went to auctions, but now I've forgotten all that. Thanks
  3. Jeff Lary

    Lawn-Boy Where to find the serial number.

    I got a free Lawn-Boy Gold Pro Series 6.5 push mower today from a neighbor. They had a FREE sign on it out beside the road, so I grabbed it. I have always wanted a 2-stroke Lawn-Boy. It Seems to run ok ( ie starts up) I needed a primer which I have found on the ole Amazon for $7.00. On the...
  4. gmk5150

    Serial number

    I have i think a ford 9n i found number 9N143404 can anyone tell me Year. Thank u guys
  5. D

    Serial number confusion

    I bought my new NS4710 a couple months ago and has serial number PX1B-AO124. In reading other threads on this site a serial number starting with P should be a 2014 model. Anyone know why my new tractor would have a serial number starting with P?
  6. Palpater

    Ford Backhoe Serial decode request

    Hi Folks, I’m new here and recently became the owner of an older Ford backhoe, 3-cyl diesel. I am having difficulty finding a replacement starter. Part of the problem is I am not too sure year and model. I am wondering if someone can help me decode my serial# and provide the model and year...