1. cholder777

    Ditch Witch J20 shaft/pulley removal.

    I have a ditch Witch model j20. I'm trying to remove the shaft extender that leads from the large pulley through the rear firewall into the gearbox that powers the trencher. The bearing went out and I need to replace it. Does anyone have any experience removing this pulley? There's very limited...
  2. MinnesotaEric

    Rotary Cutter  Looking for a replacement tailwheel assembly with a 1-1/2" shank

    So I hit a beaver-cut stump with my Woods 720X rotary cutter and sheered off the tailwheel assembly. Unaware that the wheel had broken off, I ran the wheel over and destroyed it. So I'm looking for an inexpensive tailwheel assembly that has a 1-1/2" shank that also has 8-3/4" free play between...
  3. D

    Greasing Zero-Turn Drive Shaft

    I have a ZD-1011 Zero Turn and had a question about greasing the "U" joints for the shaft that goes between the motor and hydraulic pump. Was able to get the slip joint fitting and the "U" joint on the motor side. Seems impossible to get to the joint on the pump side without removing the shaft...
  4. B

    PTO Shaft Play

    I did a search on here with no applicable results so thought I may as well ask. I had a previous mishap where I lifted the three point hitch and put my PTO shaft into my PTO extender, extender into cover and ultimately bending the PTO shaft ever so slightly. When everything was disassembled...
  5. E

    Steering sector shaft ford1710 powersteering

    Where can I find a steering sector shaft for a Ford 1710 tractor with power steering?
  6. Delby

    Propeller shaft needs replaced like to find used one.

    Propeller shaft needs replaced like to find used one.
  7. somanytractors

    Ferguson 65 perkins 4.203 cam gear to shaft placement

    Not thinking for a minute, I pulled the cam gear off the cam shaft without paying attention to where it was. Now I'm not sure how it is positioned on the shaft. You would think it would only go on one way but it has 3 bolts and no matter how you turn it, the bolt holes all align. There is no...
  8. B

    Case 580SE Parking Brake, Friction Disk, Counter Shaft Spline Wear

    I bought a 580SE 2WD and one issue I have if that the trans-axle counter shaft splines are worn where the parking brake friction disk is located on the shaft. I bought this backhoe from photos and I knew the brake assembly was missing so I purchased all new parts to install the brake and had a...
  9. R

    Massey FERGUSON 399 output shaft

    In search of massey FERGUSON pto shaft for 1991 399
  10. T

    3038h pto shaft free spin

    Any way to spin pto shaft to ease hooking up pto shaft equipment? Tried motor off, neutral no go
  11. W

    BX1860 propeller shaft front joint cover (dust boot) replacement

    Hi folks, I have a 14 year old 800hr BX1860 on which I've just discovered the propeller shaft front joint cover (aka dust boot) (item 20 below) has worn through and fallen off. Interestingly, the damaged boot was just sitting atop the MMM deck which I had pulled off for springtime blade...
  12. C

    How do I remove this 2 speed pto jack shaft?

    The splines on this shaft are destroyed and I can't work out the proper way to remove it I've removed all the circlips and when I pry on the shaft the bearing and shaft want to come out together My concern is that once the outer bearing is out of its race I won't have a way to remove the inner...
  13. C

    HELP! Howard Rotavator pto shaft

    I have an old Howard Rotavator Selectatilth that is missing the pto shaft and slip clutch. Does anyone know where I could find one? The shaft coming out of the gear box is 1.5" and has 10 splines. Also if anyone know what model this is that would help. The factory tag is missing. There is a...
  14. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    I was just greasing up the rfm getting ready for the first mow when I noticed the plastic safety guard on the pto shaft mangled in the middle. Looks like the shaft is coming into contact with the drawbar when the tractor breaks over a hill. I was able to get it apart and shorten the inner...
  15. M

    Replace motor on MTD 5hp chipper shredder—shaft?

    MTD 5hp chipper shredder that I want to replace the motor with a new (but about 6 years old in box) Harbor Freight 6.5 hp motor. Best I can measure, I get 5/8” diameter shaft on the HF, but the original motor has a 7/8” diameter at the end of the tapered shaft. I’m seeing lots of adapters out...
  16. T

    Balancing flail mower rotor

    In many, many other threads, when someone mentions the need to get a flail mower rotor balanced due to vibration, the response is typically "find a reputable driveline shop and they'll fix you up." I've called all of the reputable driveline shops within 2 hrs. and they all stated they can only...
  17. J

    Binacchi 17” horizontal shaft bush hog

    I have a brush hog that has a busted Binacchi (4052043F60) 2GE5X17” E60C60 horizontal shaft. We’re is the place to order a new one?