1. RacerX69

    GR2110 Glide Steer Cable Adjustment

    Just changed the cables on my GR2110 with Glide Steer. Can’t seem to find any information on adjustment. Can anyone here help a guy out? Thanks, Racer Kubota GR2110 by Racer, on Flickr
  2. F

    Quad steer vs articulating vs front steer.

    I have machines of each type and quad steer is awesome compared to the others. My main complaint with articulating is when your going along a trench or ditch edge it’s steers you into the ditch before steering you out. You have to very gradually steer out of it. Front steers problem is when...
  3. Aden2112

    Tractor or skid steer? Just bought 150 acres.

    I need help figuring out what to buy! Please tell me what YOU would do! And how YOU would approach this project. We just bought a 150 acre farm (all crop land). All of it is rolling hills - nothing terribly steep, but not flat either. In the next year or so, I need to: 1. Cut and grade an...
  4. E

    I have a farm pro 2420. When its cold or just started up it steers ok, but the longer you run it ,like 1 hour it want steer at all.

    I have a farm pro 2420. When cold it steers ok but after an hour it doesn't work at all. Wheel just spin
  5. D

    Mahto L1300 Skid Steer

    Is anyone familiar with a Mahto skid steer machine? I have a friend who has an L1300 and he has asked me to look at it. Not sure what I’m getting into but the left hand joystick seems to bog the engine and barely pulls forward or backwards the right side joystick works normally. He is also...
  6. ArlyA

    Ego zero steer mower review

    We just received a zero turn mower yesterday as seen in these pics. I operated it for 20ft while this young fellow did for 1/2 an hour in practice since the grass has minimal growth.. We have ill elderly parents and leaving town for an undetermined amount of time and Andrew will be in charge...
  7. mike69440

    Is this a good price on a 2023 Kubota SV97-2 Track Steer

    Considering the same sales book had listed a 2016 SV95-2 with 2,000 hrs. for $56,000, $82,000 for a 2023 seems a good price?? Not buying, just posting.
  8. R

    FS: Trimble Cfx 750 and EZ Steer

    Trimble unlocked to RTK & Glonass. Comes with ag25, T2 box, power cable, battery, and coax cables. Everything works perfectly without faults... Asking $2,255.00 + shipping. email me with questions.. Regards
  9. T

    new holland fiat tn75f super steer fault code 34

    ive been having a hard time troubleshooting the ecu/ecm seems to be functional but the rear hitch is disabled. im getting an error code 34 on the book/gear icon on the dash only. ive gone over just about everything but i only have the manual for the tn75 which does not include everything. an...
  10. D

    What do I look for when buying a used skid steer?

    I've been giving serious thought to the purchase of a used tracked skid steer for use on my own property. I own a small tractor that I used for most of my chores, but my property is heavily wooded and I'd like to be able to run a brush cutter in between the trees to open things up. There's...
  11. R

    Selling: Trimble EZ Guide 500 and EZ Steer

    Trimble EZ Guide 500 and EZ Steer. Comes with an AG25 antenna and coax available. Also has all cabling to put to use. System was removed in working condition. Price is at $1,850. Email me with your interest:
  12. D

    can't get arms to raise up on my CAT skid steer

    i have a CAT skid steer model 232b2. i haven't been able to get the arms to raise up on it. with machine running parking indicator lamp does not come on. when i am pushing the button to release the parking brake, the seat belt indicator light starts flashing. machine will move, but i cannot...