1. K

    Ventrac 4500z Not starting.

    I have a Ventrac 4500z that I'm having a hard time getting started, I have gone through the TCM and everything seems in order. I double checked my seas sensor my parking brake my neutral switch and made sure my ignition was working properly but I turn the key and get nothing but my dashing...
  2. B

    How does the Ventrac ride?

    Silly question, but one of the dealers here mentioned the dual wheels make them ride a lot less rough. I may be overthinking it, but that made me wonder if they're a bumpy ride with single wheels? Can't be worse than my Exmark, yes?
  3. VentracPlusKioti

    4520P Slower than advertised?

    I’m new here so forgive me with 8 hours on my machine. Ventrac states that the low and high speeds are 5/10 mph. With ideal conditions, meaning no attachments, full throttle, going down hill I “might” be able to get 4 and 8 mph on low and high. My dealer says that’s normal. What do you guys...
  4. VentracPlusKioti

    4520/4500P engine life

    Taking home a 4520P. Big purchase for me I have just 5 acres to mow, a lot of steep slopes though. I’ll probably never get past 2000 hours in the next 10 years, but just curious to know how long the Kawasaki engines last? I’ve heard of people replacing their engines after so many hours. Was...
  5. D

    Three-Point Hitch Lift Arms

    I recently added the Ventrac Three-Point Hitch kit to my 4500Z machine. The kit is labeled as a Cat 1 hitch. When I try to attach certain Cat 1 implements to the unit's hitch, the lift arms do not extend wide enough to accommodate the pins on the attachments. On a rake, I had to purchase the...