1. G

    2004- 8441 Zetor

    Thought it was my Battery ,Put in new Battery turned key on no Lights . Checked all Fuses left side pannel at steering wheel all good.Checked fuse at Battery all good.Put everything in Nuteral PTO everything no Lights on dash. The Damn thing was working just fine I just let it set for a week...
  2. W

    Splitting my Zetor 6245...again. Need advice.

    I wore the clutch out on my 6245 a couple of years ago and split it for the repair. Put it back together (clutch plate, pilot and throwout bearing), worked fine, but long story short, evidently the transmission seal is leaking and it is now full of oil. I can drive it up against a tree with the...
  3. J

    Zetor 5211, going from pto to pto+hydraulics lever

    Is the left side lever between your knees on the floorboard only to be moved with the tractor turned off, or should the right lever in N allow that lever to be switched back and forth? Trying to decide if my tractor isn't acting right or that I'm the one that is messed up? I can't go from pto...
  4. K

    Zetor 4911 in Ireland

    Hi, probably a long shot but I’m looking for a Zetor 4911, 1978 model. The tractor was sold in Ireland to the midlands, registration HIX636. It was sold around 2011. The tractor has sentimental value and I would love to know where she ended up, Thanks
  5. K

    Zetor 6340 engine oil leak

    Hi, I’ve noticed some oil in the side of the tractors engine after about 30 mins work, don’t know where its coming from, I’ll attach a photo. 2006 Zetor 6340
  6. S

    Loader Identification- Zetor 4340

    Hi! I have a Zetor 4340 with a pin on bucket loader and I want to convert it to SSQA. I would like to buy the tractor end adapter for this if they are available. On the sites that sell these adapters I can’t seem to find anything Zetor specific. I’m thinking the loader may be something generic...
  7. K

    Zetor 6340 clutch problem

    Hi, recently the clutch on my 6340 started to leak, dripping from the pedal inside the cab. Any of you ever have the same problem? Thanks
  8. Peace

    Zetor Tractors

    TBN must support this site. I clicked on an ad link to see what it was. Does anyone have one? The website says they use the old style mechanical fuel injection without sensors, yet uses DEF and meets T4 emissions. This is a Chek Republic build?
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    Zetor 6211 Power Assister Ram Leak

    Hi, I have a 1989 Zetor 6211 for a few years now. I have done a lot of work to it over the years. the problem I am having is when the tractor is running there is quite a dropping leak of power steering fluid from the power steering ram. It leaks from the beginning of the ram from what looks like...