“Disappearing” Lynch Pins

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This type?

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I replaced most o my lynch pins with QH bushings
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Only time I loose them is when I sit them down on a tire and drive off. I always have a bunch in the shop anyways.
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I used to just replace the Lynch pins on my mower deck wheels until the caster came off and got run over by the mower deck. Had to replace the yoke, wheel, and one blade. I now have a bolt and locknut holding the casters on all of my mowers.

I don't recall loosing 3 point Lynch pins though.
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I've lost several of those from my JD mower deck wheel so I replaced it with a bolt and locknut
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I've done the same thing on my 3 pt linkage arms and my snow plow arms!
Elsewhere instead of lynch pins I have used heavy gauge copper wire and make a few wraps.
Where space allows, it adding a washer B4 inserting a lynch pin seems to have helped.
On other locations I've enlarged the pin hole to accept 1/4" bolts with lock nuts, a pain to do/undo but worth avoiding damage to equipment.
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Don't buy the cheap pins, but rather use the ones labeled "heavy duty" etc. If you don't have to be careful to not snap your finger when you unlatch it, it ain't good enough.