1000 Hour Report

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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
I just reached 1000 hours on my 2010 JD 2320.


The experience has been pretty good. I've done a lot of mowing, snow plowing and loader work and some general dirt moving/landscaping. Other than normal maintenance, I've replaced a fan belt, the battery, a couple of loader quick attach connectors, a mower belt and one mower wheel. I replaced one front tire after I damaged the sidewall and will probably replace the other soon. I replaced the engine driveshaft universal joints with Moog items with zerks on the end caps. The original joints were fine after 800 hours, but I was tired of the difficulty in greasing the zerk on the crossbar. I also found last year that I had run out of adjustment on the mower lift links. I fabricated new ones to get the full range of adjustment back.


All in all, not much to complain about. I think I may have slightly racked the loader by overloading it off center, since it doesn't go on and off quite a smoothly as it originally did, but everything still works. I haven't modified much on the machine, but my Original Tractor Cab soft cab and my Harbor Freight quick hitch are definitely best buys.