1010 clutch repair

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Apr 9, 2006
North Carolina
John Deere 3520
My 1010 is in the shop so we can break it in half to find out about the clutch problem. After welding the wheel and replacing it we knew that the clutch was stuck. When I attempted to get it running I noticed an inspection cover on the side of the bell housing was missing. I did not give it much thought until the starter started to drag. After removing the starter I found it was full of dirt. I still did not see the connection. After rebuilding the starter the Tractor cranked and ran fine. Flash forward 4 months when I drove it out of the shed and prepared to use it. I found that the clutch was stuck. I tried all the usual tricks with no success. It's in a buddies shop now to separate it and check it out. I don't have the equipment to hold it and move it about in my shop. I am waiting for his report on the damage. It now comes to me like a bolt of lightning that the clutch and pressure plate could be filled with dirt also because of the missing inspection plug. I am wondering if dirt daubers could have caused the whole problem. The dirt in the starter looked like their makings and I don't know of any other way the dirt could have gotten inside. Anyway I will know in a few days. I would be interested if anyone has any different ideas.