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Jan 14, 2018
Batavia, Ohio
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What 12v compressor would be for portable remote use for tractor or zero turn tires just to top them off or to stager back to trailer or garage?
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I'd recommend a Viair pump. I have one mounted underneath my pickup behind a baffle exposed to all the road crud for the last 10 years and it's still working fine.

Viair compressors
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I have one of the $6X (they move around in price, usually $60-70) Harbor Freight compressors and it's a beast, way quicker than the cheaper ones, the one that's about $30 isn't bad either is just slower...

Depends on what you are trying to do, the big HFT compressor has been reliable for me, have a couple friends with them and they work good enough to use for going offroading, air the tires down (35" tires aired down to like 8psi) while wheeling then air up with that in about 20 minutes to about 25psi, that's all 4 tires...
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I have several from vans with factory air shocks, years ago. Cheap and still working.

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This is a timely post, as just yesterday I was wondering how I could keep an air compressor in the field to blow the sawdust out of my sawmill. I have my little pancake pump, but a 12V pump with auxiliary tank would be handy.
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I use a Viair 300P; 2.3 cfm, 150 psi max., 33% duty cycle @ 100psi. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for and its worth it when you consider that you are using it for an emergency repair when you don't want to fart around with a piece of junk.

Check the duty cycles on the cheap compressors to find out how long it will take to pump up a tire.
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I have a Viair, say 8 years old, still great.
I do let it rest, for heat, say every 1/2 tire (refilling after beach drives).
It is the standard for 'off roaders'.