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Feb 7, 2005
Okay, I know this is probalby elementary to most of your but....I have 1430. Have always used the bucket. No other accessories.

I just engaged the PTO to see what would happen and the engine bogs down to almost nothing...even at 3/4 throttle.

Is this normal?

On another note..what is the draft control used for. I know it is mentioned in the manual but I did not understand exactly what it does.

I appreciate any information on these topics..thank you
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Engine bogging when you turn on the PTO is certainly normal. You are pumping against the closed valve in the hose, with no flow whatsoever until pressure gets high enough to open the relief valve, which keeps the system at the preset relief pressure, still working the pump hard.

The draft control picks up the implement in front until a preset amount of weight is hanging on the tractor, not resting on the wheels of the implement - usually mower. That has two advantages. It increases the traction in front by loading the front wheels, and it unloads the wheels on the mower, which tend to take a beating.
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You should never operate the PTO, with out a complete circuit. What you did was to dead end the output of the gear pump, which will cause premature damage. I'll bet the relief valve was chattering. If you would have kept it on for long, you could have destroyed the pump.

In the normal mode, the gear pump is pumping fluid through the PTO valve and back to the tank.
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Thanks. Learn something new every day. I did not leave PTO on long without a connection for I thought it did not sound right.

Thanks for the advice and the information