1725M Extended Warranty worth it?



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Jul 22, 2021
So I'm pricing out a 1725M with M2326 mower, $22,800 CAD right now + $1350 delivery, not sure if thats a good deal or not.
But there's also the option of the extended warranty.

Sound like default is 2yr/2000hr full coverage + 5yr on the powertrain.
I can't seem to find any details online of the 5yr powertrain part, I want to compare it to the extended basic coverage, I imagine its similar.

For $775, they offer to bump it up to the BASIC coverage for 10yrs.

So I guess, a) what's a good price on the tractor/mower in general and b) is the warranty worth it?
Not expecting to put crazy hours on the tractor, maybe 80-100hrs/yr for the first few years.


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Mar 15, 2015
Mt Sterling,KY
Kioti DK35SE
Consider your own age for starters. I'm 77 and the math matters. Mentally I vary between treating myself to a nice toy or saying keep what I've got and leave it to my grandkids? Consider as an e.g. my 2015 Ford F-150 PU truck. It looks newish, runs great and has 73k on the ODO. Odds are real good it will outlast me math wise. But a new truck with a new warranty, new buttons, so on... Human factors matter as do your pockets depth.
I've never been a hard core warranty fanboy to begin with but obviously they can work OK. They are priced to make them money as you probably know is the reason to sell something.