1962 IH 3414 Rim how to repair ?

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Feb 10, 2019
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Hello, 1962 IH 3414 filled with calcium(?) leaking around valve stem. How to repair, can it be welded, do they make repair patches ? Thanks for any help, Chuck Schettler Shippenville PA.


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They can be repaired, but be ready for more repair work then anticipated.
I have seen patch pieces cut from other rims and welded in, my last one I used a machine bushing as a valve stem hole and welded and ground smooth along with several beads of weld in different areas including building areas back that disappeared from the weld.
rim 2a.jpg
rim 1 (2).jpg

rim 3 (2).jpg

rim 4a.jpg

rim 5a.jpg

rim 6 (2).jpg

Now the rim on the other side has about a 4" crack visible running from the corroded out valve stem hole.
I think that I will be looking for a new rim, I'm getting to damned old to mess around for several hours welding and grinding again.
The last one was close to 8 hours of repair and wire brushing (grinder) to find and fix all the bad spots, then a couple of days for priming and painting then letting it cure before mounting the tire.
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Have drilled a hole on the opposite side of the rim for the valve stem and welded a patch over the original rotted stem hole, not a show piece but it worked.
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I was hoping to repair/weld without removing the tire... probably not possible. Now, if someone would make glue on patches with today's glues this might just be possible. Thanks for the replies.
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Most calcium filled tires are tubed. Once they get broken down the rust from the rim is usually embedded in the tube. Every time I've tried to reuse a tube with rust embedded I've been back into a couple of times repair tube leaks. I now just bite the bullet and buy the $80-$100 tube wire brush the rim good and remount with a new tube. Todays tubes are maybe half the thickness of the old tube also.
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I fixed up my dad's IH "M" that had some serious rusty rims from prior being filled with calcium cloride. Similar to what LouNY experienced. A donor rim was needed for my repairs. Here's what the rims looked like:
Salt Rust.jpg

Donor rim and one recipient:
DCP_4495.JPG DCP_4504.JPG

Thin spots were built up with the welder or patches welded in place. Valve stem hole was relocated on one wheel. Sandblasted and painted.

New tubes installed....all work done with large tire irons and spoons.....l was younger back then, though.
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Rims rust out even without fluid in tires, I have had to replace 3 rims on my 72 years old Ford 8n because of rust.
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Price a new rim before messing with old one.

yes, you will likely need a new tube if there is metal embedded in it. Only worse than changing the rear rim once is having to do it a second time and now you've leaked fluid onto the new metal.
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Thank you all !
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I just found a new rim for my 574, Cross Creek Tractors had the best pricing that I found just over $300 shipped for a 14"x30" outer rim section.