2 Series Valve Adjustment

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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
Has anyone here checked the valve adjustment on their Yanmar engine? My 2320 has 1100 hours and should be checked. I called my dealer and they said they have a 5 week backlog on work and the valve adjustment would take $350 to $400 in labor. It looks like there is a lot that needs removed to get at the valve cover, but at that cost I could buy a service manual and spend a day on it.
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Will be interested to learn more about doing that task.
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I did it several times on our 240D Benz that we kept for 25 years. Could easily rotate its 65 hp 2.4 liter diesel with the fan blade to get to next set of valves. Should be same with a small tractor.
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I suggest having a spare valve cover gasket on hand or be sure the dealer has one in stock - just in case.
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The valve adjustment itself is easy to do. The work and time involved is removing everything to get to the valve cover. I’ve done several Yanmar engines over the years and actually the valve adjustment was all I ever had to do to any of them. They are very reliable and trouble free in my experience