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Sep 4, 2006
Looking at the used tractor noted in the subject line. Here is the package (all one owner):

-Tractor with 304 hrs (looks like it has sat outside a bit during its life as it has surface rust/discoloration on front and rear axles along with side screens on the hood. New JD battery. Runs as it should with no leaks or strange sounds. No FEL.
-Curtis aftermarket soft cab with heater and wiper (all installed on tractor)
-JD 54” MMM
-JD 47” snowblower (installed on tractor)
-JD 450 tiller
-JD 413 brush cutter

All implement are fairly clean but tiller has tweaked rear flap.

Asking price is $17k for package which seems high to me. I’m thinking around $13k.

Interested to know your thoughts. I am new to the tractor world but need something to maintain my 6 acres.
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That's a lot for a 20 yr old, 20 HP machine with no FEL. 4100 Tractor and MMM Deck sell for $8-9K range, Tiller Brushcutter $5-600 each, Snowblower $1000 so $11-12K would be in the ballpark IMO.