2003 PT-425 - change to Kohler Muffler?

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Mar 16, 2003
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Long time no chat old friends!

I'm looking at changing out the muffler on my 2003 PT-425.

Reason is that I believe that the PT-built-muffler tends to hold a lot of heat in the engine.

Pretty-sure that MossRoad has noted that his Kohler, which has the stock Kohler muffler, doesn't seem to hold in heat.

I did have to change out the head gaskets a few years back, and I think it was a combination of heat and sub-par gasket material from Kohler.

Anyway, I'm thinking of swapping out for a stock Kohler muffler.

I "THINK" it's this one. My engine is a CH-740-0038

Kohler Part # 247861S Exhaust Muffler Assembly Center Straight - OPEengines.com

Does this have all the parts I need to retrofit it?
Do you guys think that this is a good idea?
Anyone else have problems with the engine running hot as a result of the PT-built Muffler?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Rob :)
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I feel your theory is correct. I'm getting ready to revamp my engine compartment based on heat temps that I'm seeing . Fuel, battery, and hydraulic temperatures being the highest reasons on my list. I'm going to try not to change their muffer if I can I actually like it alot. Their muffler should last a lifetime. Just header wrap reduced the temps . So I'm getting ready to try Cerol wool wrapped with header wrap. Should get my temps down to what I would like them to be.
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I don't remember seeing this post back in May. Sorry about that.

That muffler looks like mine, bracket and all.
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Hi team,

I did actually purchase that kit and it fit perfectly, and it DID reduce both noise level and temperatures. I'm happy. I'm also slightly sad as the PT muffler is super heavy-duty. :(

-Rob :)
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I've been thinking about adding some header wrap too. I'm too cheap to have it JetHot coated, and I think I can wrap it without taking it off the engine. Add that to the infinite to do list... :rolleyes: