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Mar 12, 2006
Milan IN
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I've been looking for a new mower for a couple of months now and found a leftover 2004 2180 for $2000. My yard is around 3/4 of a acre and has one mildly steep hill in it. Is this mower going to be a better buy than a new 1000 series cub or a 2005 Husqvarna YTH1542XP?
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Heck yes! Jump on it. The 2180 has a briggs vanguard 18hp. A top of the line engine. CC stopped using vanguards after 2004.

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Well I bought the 2180. Actually got them to take off another hundred bucks so I paid $1899 for it. I've already took the deck off and greased all 13 grease fittings and changed the oil. I also disabled the seat switch and the reverse PTO cutoff switch. All I need now is a more comfortable seat and some AG tires for the rear and I'll be ready for the year.

Thanks everyone for helping decide what to buy and how to make disable all the annoying features.
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I've got an older 2185 model and would like to disable the seat switch and reverse PTO cutoff. What exactly do I need to do to accomplish this?