2013 Tundra vs 2013 Ford


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Dec 12, 2003
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If you want to see something cool (as a motorhead), look at the Mazda Skyactive technology. 14:1 compression ration gas engines.

The engine doesn't work in the cold though. I was holding out to see if they would put it in the CX-5 but after reading complaints by people in other countries saying they were forced to use a different vehicle because the Mazda would start. I assumed that's why Mazda keeps saying they are going to release it yet hasn't.


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Jan 15, 2008
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The mileage thing Toyota vs domestic is a myth. Don't believe me check for yourself, the shuttle vans down at Disney world in Fl run 24/7. They never turn them off except to fuel them up. I sat behind the driver looked at the odometer and the Ford Van had 750K miles on it. I asked him - what's the secret getting that many miles out of a Ford? He said we do regular maintenance, period. Then he said they all brands, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and they all have the same mileage. I also have my mobile mechanic that does the service on my big trucks, his Toyota tundra has 850K miles on it. Many guys on the Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter site are getting 750K miles on their vans.

Lesson is, it doesn't matter domestic or Japanese/domestic if you service your vehicles you will get the miles out of them.

We all know of the guy driving the Volvo with 3 Million miles.
Man drives record 3 million miles in the same 1966 Volvo - TODAY.com

Vehicles for the last couple of decades are manufactured and built with computers, robots etc. so the tolerances are much tighter than when Henry Ford built the model T, which is still running by the way.