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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Just got quote from local dealer $25625 plus tax. Brochure standard w/ FEL and R1 Ag tires. This is new, in warehouse. Are there any differences between 2016 vs 2019?

I suspect this price is high to some, living in middle of Pacific ocean on an island does that. Should I decide to order I would expect little to no discount off list and have an increased trans cost pushing price a couple thousand. So I have to consider saving that by getting the 2016 is perhaps a reasonable tradeoff.

Any thoughts welcome.
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Curious, what is approx value of first (50 hr) service?
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Anyone with ballpark figure to have dealer installed 3rd set of remotes on XR4140H ?
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Pulled the trigger today. Delivery and 50 hr service included. Delivery week of 6/10. Will post pics after delivery.
Will get quote for 3rd rear remotes on Monday.

Still investigating change from R1 to R4s for future.
Also hoping for backhoe subframe info. I have Kioti KB2375 and if possible will look to modify subframe to fit the XR4140. Anyone have any pertinent info?
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Sorry I somehow skipped over this post and surprised no 4140 owners replied. Congrats on your new purchase.
1) I bought my XR3037HC new in 2014 and paid less than your quoted 4140H priced without cab. Of course the 4140 is the newer series and higher HP than mine.
2) I had my choice of R1 or R4 tires at purchase for no extra charge.
3) Tractor comes w/ 2 rear remotes. I ran hoses from one set to the front to use an auger or hyd. thumb. From prices I have read on here a 3rd remote will run about 1K extra.
4) You can probably figure out a way to adapt the KB2375 subframe to attach to the LS frame. I adapted a subframe on a Woods 750 BH to fit mine. My Woods runs off its own system w/ a PTO pump .
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Thanks George.
Yea, a bit newer and more HP. About same size as my DX35, bigger than my CK 30, more HP than either.
Very small local dealer, no choice on tires and only XR in inventory. Exploring alternatives should I not like the R1s.
About 1K was what I was thinking on 3rd remote. I intend to mount my Top N Tilt and my flail has hydraulic shift/offset.
I’m thinking the subframe shouldn’t be that difficult, but I don’t have any measurements. Hoping someone with same size XR may have the dimensions, perhaps an install manual.
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If I were going to do a lot of AG work in the field I'd have asked for R1's. IMO R4 Industrial are much better for loader work and general use but R1's will tear up a lawn easier than R4's.
R1's will be better in mud. I've used both R1 and R4 tractors in snow and see no advantage from either type but you won't have to worry about that.
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Probably 75% mowing, either flail or brush hog, no real Ag work except maybe a small garden using the tiller. Rest is primarily loader/forks work. No snow at our elevation in Hawaii and I don’t go up mountain, happy to just see it. Grew up in Maine, had my shoveling for life.
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Got dealer quote for 3rd remote $1445.
How can I find out what Part # 20144627 is?
If a replacement for existing i want the old parts, but if addon, that’s fine.
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That price seems pretty good to me considering where you are.

You would need to confirm with some measurements but the newer backhoes (KB2475/KB2485) will bolt up to the LS subframe so I suspect if you can get yourself a subframe for your LS you can make it work with your backhoe with minimal modifications.

There's been some software improvements since the XR4100's were released, I'd make sure yours has the latest software version installed.