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Dec 23, 2009
I did some pricing on a 2620, with loader and mm mower. They had a 2920 in stock, and said go that route at $19,100.
Is that a little high?
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just ordered that way and price was $18,000, Barlow Equipment + $500 delivery to PA, no state taxes.
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I bought mine a year ago and paid $17,650 for it locally (plus Ohio's ransom) with the stuff you mentioned (60" MMM?). The real check to me was the Barlow's price given....your dealer needs to do better.
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Thanks guys. I was not liking price quote!
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If the cost was 18,500 through Barlows, and your local dealer was only 600 high...... that's not that bad. It wouldn't hurt if they were a little closer..... but don't expect them to match Barlow's price. To me, I'd be willing to spend a little more to buy locally ..... if possible.
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16800$ at m&B tractor in NH no sales tax also,,,,,,603-286-4101,,, ex 122. Art. That price Tractor and loader