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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
I just replaced a leaking O-Ring in one of my FEL quick disconnects. When I pulled out the defective O-Ring, a gray plastic washer came out with it. I have never seen one of these when I previously replaced the O-Rings. I installed a new O-Ring but did not know what to do with the plastic washer.

Any ideas?
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Stick it back in there. That is a back up ring. If you look into the qd, the o-ring is first, then the back-up.
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Do I have to remove the O-Ring to get it back in there?
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I would remove the o-ring, then slide in the back-up ring. If you have a hard time with the back-up ring, place it in a bowl of water and microwave it to about 150 degrees. This will make it more flexible. Then, put it in there.
Also, I would check another qd for the order they go in. There are different schools of thought here. I just looked at the ones on my shelf and my first post may be incorrect. The ones I have the back-up ring goes first, then the o-ring. Hope this helps, Andy.