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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
I jsut got my tractor back from the 50 hour check and now I have developed a leak at the quick disconnect fitting on the loader. It is the fitting with the red plastic tie wrap. It is leaking quite heavily and I disconnected it and it slowed a little. I reconnected it a few times but it still leaks. Any suggestions?
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In my experience w/hydraulics in the oil and gas industry it sounds like you have an O-ring in the quick connect that has either blown out or is damaged. Sometimes they just get off of seat. It sounds like a pretty simple fix. Hope this helps.
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Thanks Wireline. I uncoupled all my quick disconnect fittings and do not see a "O-Ring" inside any of them.
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The o-rings are in there. They are inside the female ends that have the slide to disconnect them. They have a plastic retainer of some kind next to them and are in a machined grove. They aren't hard to change really, just get an ice pick or really small screw driver and dig the old one out. You'll probably find some damage on it. Take it to most any automotive/industrial/farm store and they will have them for a couple coins each.

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You might try taking them to an automotive supply house or somewhere that sells hoses and things like that. The one time I bought 0 rings from a tractor supply was from a kubota dealer and they were 6.00 for 5 "o" rings. To me that was a tad bit excessive
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Thanks for all the input. I will get my pick and try to get the sucker out this weekend.