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Nov 16, 2018
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Hi all, has probably been covered somewhere but I can’t find a comparison for looking, wondering is there a lot of difference between the European 3130 and a 4430. Apart from the increase in hp is there a lot of size difference? Looking at a bigger tractor for my disc mower and doing a small amount of ground work. I have read so much good about 4440’s but can’t find one of those here in Australia. Maybe they were so good no one ever sold them!
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IMHO I'd choose a 4430 over a 3130. The trans/hyd system on Waterloo built tractors is hands down better than Mannheim built tractors & 4430 has long lasting hyd clutch vs dry clutch on 3130. 4440 weren't nick named "Iron Horse'' for no good reason because they're very good tractors. I served as a JD dealer service manager when the aforementioned tractors were new. New 3130's weren't sold in Texas but their smaller cousin's were such as the model 2840.:sick:
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Thanks Jim. Yes I have been reading about the iron horse tractors and they are very reputable. Not sure if the 4430 is included in them though? The 4440 definitely sounds like the money if I could find one. Some say the best model ever built. I wasn’t sure I could justify the extra price between the 3130 and 4430, after all both similar size and era. A wet clutch is obviously longer lasting right?
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4440 was only model that I'm aware of that was referred to as "Iron Horse".

IMHO 4250/4450/4255/4455 were even better than 4440 due to them having the option of the 15 speed Powershift trans & ISO hyd breakaway couplers. I know my 4255 with Quad-range trans with over 11,000 hrs on speed/hour meter has given excellent service. I'll probably JINX the clutch on my 4255 with Perma-clutch but it's not been touched since I bought it in Feb '93. My 4255 has plowed 1000's upon 1000's of acres & baled probably close to 150,000 rd bales if not more.
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Well Jim i think you’ve sold me on choice. Sounds like it’s definitely worth the extra money. Also the cab on the 4430 looks much nicer than the square box bolted on the 3130’s.
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I've never been in that square box cab you refer to but SGB's are fine for my needs.
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So in the midst of the 4430, a 4250 has come up for the same price in the same location. Power shift has been fully rebuilt and has brand new tyres, cab overhaul, one owner. Think I may go this tractor instead. The 50 series read to be better than the 30 series by a long shot. The difference is the power shift vs quad box. Approximately the same hours but about 10 years difference in age. Thoughts?
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DITTO what Rick stated BUY IT. I've wished several times that my 4255 has a Powershift trans.