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John Weaver

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Apr 6, 2000
2000 JD 790
I have heard the term 3pth position control. My JD manual says I have it, but I don't know what it is. I am guessing that it is the ability of the 3pth to maintain is position over time (with the engine running). Does the hydraulic system supply oil to maintain position should the seals leak? Any comments?
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John, some 3-point hitch control levers are centered; you move it forward and the 3-point lowers, and continues to lower until you center the lever. The same thing happens when you move the lever back, the 3-point raises until you center the lever. Moving the lever farther forward or backward may increase or decrease the speed with which the 3-point moves, but it continues to move until the lever is centered. With position control, all the way back with the lever and the 3-point comes all the way up; all the way forward with the lever and the 3-point goes all the way down, but the lever stays where you put it and the 3-point moves to that position and stops.

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True position control, which most tractors have, maintains three-point hitch height regardless of any other factor, including cylinder leakage, because it maintains the height by triggering off the linkage position. But if you have a leak, the adjustment process will likely be very jerky, so it wouldn't be an acceptable compensation mechanism, for most purposes. It's primarily designed to produce repeatable depth adjustments, and usually works pretty well for it's intended purpose "in the field" - but I wouldn't want to control a plunge router in a cabinet shop with it.

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I never knew about a centered type of 3ph level. Makes sense, because I always figured that position control had to something more than just an adjustable locking plate. I guess the ability of a centered type to change the rate of rise or fall on the fly could be an advantage. I think the flow control valve on my 3ph only changes the rate of fall, and it can't be changed safely during operation. Seems like a centered type might be useful with box scrappers.

I'll add that 'all the way up' on my 3ph level goes into a slot. In that position, the 3ph can supply hydraulic pressure to a remote port. The slot position isn't supposed to be used unless something is connected to the port.
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Hi John
some tractors have float/draft/position i'll give ya a rough outline what they do
float-you would use on a wheeled tool so it follows the ground no matter what your tractor does
draft-moves with soil resistance ie hard pans when plowing it lifts and sandy soil it lets the plow drop
position-you set how high you want something to work ie a dry fert spreder may have to be 20 inchs off the ground you would use position for keeping it at that hight
catch ya
JD Kid
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Yes, my 3pth operates as you describe for "position". Now I need to go out and see if it has a float position. I think I remember reading something about a float position, but I read so much when researching the tractor, I don't know where it was. Thanks!
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John, you won't find a "float" position marked on the lever or anything like that. It's just that if you push the lever all the way forward (actually any farther forward after the implement is on the ground), it's "floating" because it can rise and fall with the terrain as described by jdkid.

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Then there's the "auxiliary" float control...GAUGE WHEELS!

By lowering or raising the wheels you can have the implement all the way "down" so it floats but the wheels control how much force it has when it contacts the ground. Now if I can just figure a way to put wheels on my box scraper so it can float in a "light scraping" mode!