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Mar 19, 2005
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What do you guys think is a fair price for an electric 3rd function diverter valve? I have heard some prices thrown out there, but they seem high to me. Maybe I'm still living in the past. Those of you that have bought them and installed them yourself, how much extra stuff did you have to buy that didn't come with the diverter?

Just trying to get an idea of what I may be getting into. ;)
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I have seen them about $350 to over $600. Just need to add hoses to the low price setup and or QD's.

Control switch also.
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Mine was $350 for the valve and switch from Fasse Farm Equipment Solutions | Fasse Valves and then another $350 of hoses and fittings from a local hydraulics shop (including making the hoses/crimping). Plus a few bucks for some chunks of alum as mounting brackets for the valve and the quick connectors down at the loader end.

Switch mounted onto the loader joystick with a couple small zip ties in easy reach of your thumb and is fully encased in a rubber boot for water proofing.

Very satisfied with everything.

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Well if you order it on a new JD 50** series they charge you $1049 for the mid valves with joy stick plus $272 for the hoses to get from the mid point down the loader arm. You are only using one of the mid valves so say about $800. If you can retrofit an existing tractor for that or less you are probably doing good.
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W.R. Long makes a kit and it comes with hoses and a couple of QD fittings.
The Long kit is also sold by Everything Attachments.