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Jul 15, 2020
Kubota L5740

Fixing Older Things....well, that's a puzzler. For myself and my generation - boomers - the enjoyment of fixing some used piece of machinery is itself an enjoyable hobby. No more explicable but just as enjoyable as when using that machine to inprove the rock walls, gardens, roads, or streams on our land. It's all done with the same toys and part of the same hobby, so time spent doesn't enter into it.

Repairing things does seem to have a generational bias, and one which is still a bit mysterious to me.


This is where I am 9 months out of the year. If I have to fix something before I mow or blade, no big deal. I enjoyed my 1960s tractors and 1980s motorcycles for the wrenching and "making it work" almost as much as the actual use of them. (Well, maybe not that much, but it is something I enjoy). OTOH, when the snow flies and I need to be at work in town but have to push snow first the prospect of wrenching on a tractor for a couple of hours (in an unheated outbuilding at -xx) is much less appealing. I sold the older iron a year or two ago and bought the 2012 tractor. I have no idea how to fix any of the computer related parts, but am hoping it won't break as often.

I'm kind of in the same boat with vehicles. A couple of older ones for

Although I'm leery of all things computer controlled, I enjoy the HST+ and would get that again.