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Jul 18, 2016
Fort Dodge, Iowa
PT 425
I hate using it because I just don't have the strength to disengage it but loaded it on trailer last week to go help a friend so used it on the trailer. Anyhow, now it won't disengage all the way and keeps clicking. The lever won't stay all the way down and quicly creeps back up about half an inch and starts making the loud clicking sound so I am constantly having to reach down and push the lever back down. I think today, I am going to try using bailing wire to rig it up to keep it all the way down.
Has anyone else ran into this....are there any adjustments that can be made.....is it the wheel motor that is clicking (think it is front right) ???
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If the machine is left out in the weather and you seldom use the park brake, it could be getting rusted and that would cause it to not fully release, or, If you force it to release instead of finding that sweet spot where it will fall out, you might have stretched the cable or caused it to pull out of the clevis. I wrote a post where it describes installing springs to ease the release. To check your adjustment, just look at it under the dash, it has 2 cables running into a clevis. Loosen the bolt that secures the cables, move the lever from off toward on a SLIGHT amount and re-tighten.

Question for the members, the old format used to have a "follow this thread" button, for email notification of future post, is that gone?
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If it's any consolation, my 2001 PT425 does the same thing. There's a nut that you can adjust on the lever that holds tension on the lever. Too tight and you can't move it. Too loose and it semi-engages and you get the clicks like you noticed. You gotta find the Goldilocks setting and make it Juuust Right.
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Yup and the juuust right can change with weather, moisture, temperature, oh and sun spots. That reminds me, the moon is rising in the house of Sagittarius, so better adjust it a little tighter.
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Mine is TIGHT but then again it's only got 8 hours or so on it now.

Note to self: live with tight until absolutely no choice left...
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You just gotta learn to stick the landing
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I added this parking brake device to keep the handle down. This has worked for the last 15 years or so. One of my best modifications. It is made of wood.