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Sep 23, 2001
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Just took delivery of a new production 4400 HST. I'm having problems with the cruise control. It will not "hold". I can set it and it will hold ok on flat ground, but once I start up a small hill (and I assume the pedal pressure rises), the cruise magnet will allow the pedal to slip back to netrual. The dealer ordered me a replacement magnet but that hasn't made any difference. Still the same problem. It holds ok in low range (easier pedal pressure) but won't hold much at all in B and C range.

Any ideas? I'm going to let the dealer take a shot at it now, but just wondered if anyone has had this problem.

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I had a similar problem with my 4300 when it was new. I found that the bracket that holds the magnet was slightly misaligned to the pedal shank. This did not allow the magnet to grab the pedal squarely when applied. I just loosened the bracket mounting bolts, aligned the magnet to the pedal, and tightened everything back down. This seemed to work for me, but I don't have any steep hills to test it on. Hope this helps.


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Chris, my 4400 has the same problem with the exact symptoms you describe. I had my dealer check it but he couldn't get the cruise to misbehave. Now that you have complained I am going to pursue it further with my dealer. I'l post any info I get from the dealer.
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Thanks! I've got an idea there was a design change somewhere regarding the forward HST pedal. If you look at it closely (the later production model), the flat edge where the magnet engages the pedal does not continue all the way to the bottom of the pedel. With this design, I don't see any way the cruise will hold much of anything unless you depress the pedal 3/4 to full before engaging. My old 4200 would hold the pedal anywhere, including just a very slight depression of the pedal.

You are right though, if it does not work, the dealer will have to fix it.

Thanks for your posts,

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Re: 4400 Cruise - missing a part maybe???

Deere4600 and MJB,

I have looked through the parts CD and THINK my machine may be missing a part on the forward HST pedal. The parts list shows an additional flat plate bolted to the HST pedal on the side of the magnet. Can you verify/deny that this item is on your machines? Again, my 4400 is a new production. The HST pedals are all cast iron (don't have the rubber tops on them like my old 4200 did). I really suspect a design change occured somewhere along the line. Who knows....

Thanks for the comments and any help,

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Re: 4400 Cruise - missing a part maybe???

My pedals are the same as yours. Mine do not have the plate you mentioned attached to the pedal. Were the pedals on your old 4200 possibly made of steel instead of cast iron? I'm wondering if the additional plate might be a flat piece of steel in order to improve the magnetic holding power compared to cast iron. If this is a significant improvement I might just have to pay a visit to my dealer./w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif Please keep us informed on how this works out.


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Thanks MJB,

I took a real close look at the pedal this morning. I think it is made different than the one in the parts book. Who knows. The cruise is starting to hold better all the time. It will only slightly slip some now on the hill in high range. I still don't like that I can't engage it with just a slight pedal depress. You must be at least 1/2 - 3/4 depressed before the shape of the pedal will allow the magnet to grip. I'm still going to the dealer with the problem since it isn't right.

I'll keep you informed on what happens.

Thanks for your comments,


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Do you have any pics of what you did to correct the problem of the cruise not holding? Thx
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What is the s/n of your 4400 ? Above or below 440290 ?