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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
My 96 model 455 has developed a leak/seep/weep of transhydraulic fluid. I've looked a bit, but have not located the source. Curious if anybody else has encountered this? Almost looks like it's seeping at the parting line. It is dripping while it sits and wicking around on the floor. Not large amounts, just a mess.
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It seems to be pretty common. There are three easy spots. The differential lock shaft seal (left side), the vent cap (top), and the swash plate shaft (right side). It can be a pain to work on so some people have found it easier to pull the transmission. It isn't too hard to remove the seat and the seat pan and lift the fuel tank off and set it in the foot rest. You will be able to see a lot better. People suggest cleaning the transmission case and using talcum powder to isolate the leak. There is a good thread on a transmission rebuild over at mtf. search for tuff torq k92. It might be worth while checking old posts here.

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I thought it might be bad manors to link to another tractor forum but if you search for tractor forums you will get a list.

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Looks like I need to do the wash/talc deal. Still looks to be leaking at the parting line. It's a slow drip while it sits. Seals for the various shafts look to be OK.
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I have a John Deere 455 as well, and I also had a leak in the same area as yours. Someone else on this great site mentioned SealLube. I bought a small bottle for 15.00, threw it in, cut the grass, and no more leak.I,m a believer. Best 15.00 I,ve spent in a loooong time. Here,s a link to there site.
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The tractor is generally parked inside. Heated buildings at 60ーf or more with radiant floor. Lately it's been outside where it has been ranging all over the place and guess what: Not leaking.

I think this is a seasonal thing as I seem to recal it doing this when it sits in winter. I seldom use in winter. I have a dye kit with some oil based dye and I plan to put some in and see what it does. Need to check maintenance though as I may be due for a hydro change.
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I had the same issue, mine was leaking on the PTO shaft and running down the case to what appeared to look as if the case was leaking. Mine would leak one day and then not the next too. I think that sometimes a little dirt/dust would soak up the oil so it appeared to not leak. Clean/power wash everything really good and then look closely for the leak. The PTO shaft seal was really easy to replace, I took a piece of pipe and used that to drive the new seal in.

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Dustin, did you need to take the casing apart to get at the seal? or can it all be done from the outside?