4WD does not engage, Branson 5220R

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Mar 16, 2022
Branson 5220R
Working the loader and backhoe today and all went well for a while then I noticed the 4WD was not engaged. Shifting in and out
did not solve anything. Is there a shear pin or something that goes out on these? Is this a factory repair item? THanks! Jim in SW Arkansas
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Does it feel like your lever is still connected to a linkage, and can you feel it click in?

Maybe a clip just popped off the linkage?
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The driveshaft from the transmission to the front diff has a mechanical fuse of sorts with some small ball bearings between two shafts. If it's stressed too hard that will separate. The shop manual (see the manuals thread) shows how its assembled. I have not done it myself but some folks here have.
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Thanks guys, I'll look into it when the weather improves. It's like the North Pole here!
And I'll try to get the manual also. Thanks
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A couple things that are common to happen or may happen with these 4WD drive trains on Bransons:

1 - Roll pin on the 4WD lever that breaks or comes out so the lever will just move back and forth but not actually moving the linkage
2 - Roll pin on the spline couplers on the driveshaft from the transmission housing to the front axle can also come out, this causes the coupler to slide back and completely disengage the front 3 axle
3 - Bolts that bolt the ring gear to the diff carrier break, leaving the diff gears turning but not actually engaging the front axle. Usually only happens under really high loads on front axle while also trying to also push/pull too hard with all the weight still on the front axle.

These are the main causes we've seen on the forums over the years, but may be more. 1 and 2 are very easy to fix and only takes a roll pin worth a couple cents. 3 is a bit more complex as it requires to pull the center section on the front axle apart and then pull out the remain broken bolt that sits on the carrier.

As for the manuals, there is a fixed thread with all the manuals listed. Here is the link: Updated list of Service Manual + Part Books
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OK THanks great.
   / 4WD does not engage, Branson 5220R
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Re: Branson Bob:
I checked the 4WD lever and as far as I can tell, all linkage is working going into the transmission housing.
When it warms up in a few days I'll pull the driveline cover off and check for broken or missing snap rings, etc.
Thanks again!
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Found the problem, the differential in the front Axle had the bolts stripped off the ring gear. Now to figure what parts are current and where to get them. If anyone of you have a hot tip, I'd appreciate it. Thanks Jim
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This happened to my 4520R about 4 years ago.
Same problem again this week. *sigh*


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