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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
JD 3720
Last November I purchased a new Deere 3720 from Holland and Sons in Geneseo, IL. I have owned 2 other Deere which were purchased from a different dealer and I was pleased with the initial attention I received from the new dealer. Thanks to our severe winter, the tractor turned up 50 hours in early March. I arranged for the tractor to be picked up along with my 5 year old ZTR and the driver (Eric) arrived promptly at the time arranged.
The equipment was returned today (after a phone call to be sure I would be home to accept delivery) and I feel I should report on the experience.

1) Total cost of the 50 hour maintenance including fluid change was $127. This is significantly lower than was the cost for the same service for my previous two tractors.

2) Tractor and ZTR had been power washed and thoroughly cleaned. Both pieces of equipment look like they just came off a show room floor.

BTW - I walked into the dealership as a new customer on a Friday afternoon about 15 minutes before closing time last November and was given immediate attention by Steve who let me drive the model I was interested in and provided prompt email follow up which included price for my trade in.

Just wanting to give a bit of praise where I think it is due.
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You got a deal for sure. Great!
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Boy they are not all that way! My dealership, Hamilton Eq, in Omak Washington is actually pretty good to me as well considering that I bought my Deeres elsewhere and then moved to the area. They treat me like I bought from them and I would recommend them to anyone.
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