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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
The PTO on my 455 is an "inny" or female spline. The new ones are apparently now male. My sole implement is my 450 tiller. It has the male end to match the 455 so I'll need to change this out. Then I'll need a stub shaft correct?

No clutch in the driveline yet is there? The PTO clutch takes the load?
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Talking through the potential answer to my own question

M112354 shaft should get me my stub. From there:

Assuming that std 540 pto is 1.375-6 spline

The universal joint used with my current PTO shaft is AE22753 and specs at 1-1/8 diameter and 2-11/16 width.

This closely matches a 14 series driveline which is 1-1/8 and 2-5/8

Weasler 100-1406 14 SERIES 1.375-6 SPL QD YOKE appears to be what I would need?

L14 / 2000 Series Series Ag PTO Parts

The only thing that I don稚 see is what machining there is for the retainer clips, but I assume this is a std setup.