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Apr 27, 2009
Middle TN
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I am looking for teeth for the front bucket of my 555A. It has the holes in the bucket for mounting. Anybody have a source?
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Heavyquip in the little rock area.
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New Holland dealer here carries them. Linder also has them. And you can buy them online.
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Even Amazon had them a few years ago. I was looking for some for one of my buckets. "Covid" put a lot of small businesses out of business. That was the primary source for most aftermarket parts.
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I hit a dead end at my New Holland dealership. Apple they can’t get the original teeth anymore. I measured my hole pattern and found some on Amazon that should work:

BDI wear Parts 6737322Y Assembly Bobcat Style Bucket Teeth/Adapter/Felx Pin/Bolt and Nut (10 Set) Amazon.com

Thanks to everyone for your replies
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Replaced a leaking hose on on of the outriggers yesterday and topped off the hydraulic fluid. Then I swapped out the backhoe bucket to the 24”. Raised the hoe and rolled the bucket, pop goes another hose, blowing fluid everywhere…….just can’t win 🤣