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Feb 13, 2005
Decatur, Texas
2005 Montana 5740C
I've got a 2005 5740C that's had a hydraulic leak since the day my warranty ran out. The leak is at the black hydraulic line junction box under the step on the right side. I have changed out all the "O" rings for the front end loader lines, both sides too, where they connect at that box, but the leak reoccured again rather quickly. The leak is not major but has caused an hydraulic fluid spot about 3ft by 1 foot on my barn floor. Because of this, I figured I'd better check the hydraulic fluid level since I've been unloading about 100 round hay bales being delivered and I've used it for other work too. When I pulled the hydraulic fluid dipstick in the back of the tractor, it showed no fluid on the dipstick and was completely dry of hydraulic fluid. I then cleaned off the area around the bolt head to the right of the dipstick that you take off to add hydraulic fluid and tried to put some hydraulic fluid into the system. I used a funnel that fits well etc, but right after I started to add fluid, it overflowed all of the hydraulic fluid I tried to add at that time as though it was full.

I then re-checked the dipstick level, several times, and still found it to be completely dry and not showing any fluid on it. Shouldn't the dipstick be showing fluid and "full" with what happened when I tried to add hydraulic fluid and does anyone know why I can't add any fluid to the system but the dipstick would be dry? My tractor's hydraulics, ie; power steering, FEL and 3 pt system work well at this point too.
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Dumb question, but where do you fill the hydraulic fluid?
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I have a five gallon pail of Hydraulic fluid. I bought a filler for it. It replaces the top of the 5 gallon can with its cover and the pump is in the center of the cover. It comes with a long clear hose and a "J" shaped steel tube that goes into the dip stick whole. This setup works like a charm when I have to top up my fluid. I too have a similar leak. Need to change some o rings again. Don't tighten them too tight or they will fail early.

@jimmy120. The hole where the dip stick sits in is also the hydraulic fill location. No question is dumb.