60" 3pt. Core Aerator.

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60" 3pt. Core Aerator.

They do tend to be seasonal in my area. Spring and Fall. After everyone has used them. Too early for Fall.
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I just typed in "aerator" using Craigslist and then later SearchTempest.
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Re: 60" 3pt. Core Aerator.

Core plugs all over the place,? There is a better way. If you own a tiller, find a local welding/machine shop. Have them make straight blades. They make a slice, best form of aeration. I have a Befco tiller, straight blades are an option, look at their greenrite seeder, just a seeder on a tiller body. They have a video I believe. Blade spacing is 3 inch. Too close for me, mount blades on every other hub.Your tiller now performs duel functions.
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Use the search function and search for AERAVATOR...it is made by first products but they have them for Grasshopper Lawn Mower, Ventracs, and 3 point hitch models. Let me tell you....the aeravator is jut an amazing piece of equipment. It performs wonderfully and does a better job (in my opinion) than a traditntal plug aerator. Go to youtube and type in Aeravator. They are expensive pieces of equipment but you can often find used ones. This is what Scotts and tru green uses in my area. I charge $10 per 1,000 square feet to perform the service. I will only do 2 or 3 yards...but the results are always incredible.