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Feb 21, 2005
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Am I correct in my observation that there is no "quick pull" radiator grille screen like the earlier models (455) had? Is there an actual radiator screen on these or just the side screens? At first glance it appeared as though there was no easy way to remove the side screens, but in a pic by JDTank of his x740 it appears as though there may be a pair of 1/4 turn fasteners on the LH side screen?
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Yes, 1/4 turn fasteners on the side and a large screen slides out the top for the radiator , if my memory serves me.
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Not familiar with the 455 and haven't looked at later model "X"s, but on my 06, X740 the side screens just pop off (the plastic frame has pins that just snap into rubber grommets in the side of the tractor. You then flip & turn one (maybe 2) of those 1/4-turn quick-fasteners (left side of tractor) to release the hydraulic cooler from its mount, then there is metal-framed radiator screen assembly that pulls out from the left side of the tractor.
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With the 455 you just lift the hood and lift the screen from above. Looks like the Signature series went back to similar ease of access by allowing the screen to be pulled from side w/o removal of the side screens.

Thanks for the confirmation guys! At least I know that there is a separate screen now.
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No screws, bolts or 1/4 turns. Just raise the hood pull the sreen out blow it off with the air hose and slide it back in. It's a screen to prevent debris from getting into the radiator. This is the way it is on the 2013 700 series. Should also blow out the area where the filter/screen goes. Do not use water as this will only create muck to dry and plug the radiator. I saw this up close in pearson on new X730.