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Mar 12, 2006
Milan IN
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I just finished refurbishing a 782 I just picked up, but it didn't come with the PTO belt. Can someone tell me what the part number is or the size to buy at TSC? I was told I needed a 954-3003A but when I tried it, it was way too short.


P.S. I'll try to get some pics up of it soon.
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Forgot to mention, the deck is a 50C.
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Everything I looked up showed the part number as 754-3003. But, the OEM belt is not as good as the Kevlar ones you can get at TSC. My 682 uses the same belt, and I used an 88" x 5/8".

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It should be the same belt for the 782 as it is on your 682. When I cross referenced the 954-3003A, it said it was a 5/8 x 72. I'll try the 88" belt tomorrow. I'm sure the extra 16 inches will make a huge difference.

thanks foryour help.