A/B 414 PTO jumping out of gear

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Jun 4, 2012
Ford 3000 McCormick A414
Well the old Aussie 414 I rebuilt the engine of on this Forum 5 or 6 years ago is still going but the PTO has started jumping out with both the chipper and slasher. On a search I found out that if the PTO shaft can move in and out , thats the problem.
I undid the 3 bolts and removed it and found that the circlip on the outside of the bearing was missing allowing the shaft to move in about 1/4 inch.
Now the splined sleeve only just engages when the shaft is out against the circlip so I think the inner PTO shaft has moved forward as well.
I can pull the top off the gearbox and diff to look in but is it possible to get to the front shaft to replace any circlips or whatever may need replacing without splitting the tractor?
Anyone done this?
   / A/B 414 PTO jumping out of gear
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I ended up removing the plate underneath behind the clutch housing and I can move the front shaft back and forth by hand. Next I removed the big circlip holding the cast dome shaped retainer in the clutch housing rear wall and two circlips fell out. One a big one and one 3/4 inch. These stop the front shaft from moving. Looks like I wont have to split it. The circlip grooves are a bit damaged but I am considering drilling and tapping the cast retainer for a set bolt. Once the front shaft is in it correct place, put the retainer back with its heavy circlip and adjust the set bolt to just touch the end of the shaft. If the circlips fail again the setbolt will stop it moving forward.