Add a cab, get a lift platform---re-purpose a ROPS

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Oct 13, 2013
Near Ann Abor, Michigan
kubota / L39 TLB, BX2680
Last year, I added a Laurin cab to my L39 that replaced the factory ROPS. With no interest found in the ROPS parts, they hung around. I needed a platform to get to a camera so I tried the plane roof liner( sheet metal and ribs) and found I need side rails for safety and comfort. I cut down the verticals (1/4" tubing) and re-enforced the roof tubing( 1/8") at the corners and added casters for ground mobility. I used tubing for the fork receivers and chain to secure to the forks. The chain side rails are an experiment. If I don't like them, I'll replace with stiff tubing.
The tipped fork was a safety test.. I'm planning to add adjustable 2x6 ground spike to keep platform from tipping. I have auto level on loader, but I plan to use a ladder to get to platform until I can teach my wife to operate the loader.. Scary thought. DSCN5704.JPG DSCN5705.JPG DSCN5706.JPG DSCN5707.JPG
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Jul 16, 2014
Guin, AL
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Great work and great idea.

I made mine out of wood using a pallet for the base.