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Jul 22, 2021
John deere x570
Hello everyone first time on here. So I've been researching SCUT. The whole story is I recently purchased a 2 wheel drive green garden tractor due to my budget, and was fairly confident it would do the job I needed (mowing .75 acres and hauling firewood from my shed to the house). Unfortunately I have some pretty good hills where I live and the 2 wheel drive tractor with different lock I have does great till trying to go down the hill. So with that being said my researching has led me to the rk21. My only concerns are being able to add front weights because I probably won't be able to get the loader nor do I really need it, although I'm sure I could find plenty of uses for it. And will it have enough mid pto power. I was able to test mow with a bx1880 and was sadly disappointed when I tried to mow up a hill and it nearly stalled out. And I asked the tractor guy at the store and he wasn't sure about adding weight to the front. It looks to me like you can add a brush guard but idk about weights.