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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
Have any of you found a good way to add weight to the back end of a 422 or 425?
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I personally haven't, but if I was going to, I'd first weld a 2" receiver to the back of the unit, then make a weight bar for that, then hang needed weights on the bar. That way, they'd be easily removable and the 2" receiver would be very handy. You could put a pin hitch, ring hitch, weight bar, etc... as needed.
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I had this weight box fabbed up to pin on the factory PT hitch. I don't use it that much because it changes the "exit angle" at the rear, and will drag the ground much more quickly when going on or off a steep incline. Otherwise, it works well. On relatively flat ground, which I have little of, it works quite well - and is very versatile. I've hauled log chains, chainsaw, etc.
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I'll agree about changing the exit angle on the back of the tractor. You'll be scraping ground easier if you put it low, and you won't be able to open the hood if you put it high.;) So plan accordingly.
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I have a 2 inch receiver and have a which plugged into that. It does make a big difference in the weight that I can lift. I posted on this. I will try to find a link.
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If the weight is meant to be permanent, I've found RimGuard (tm) to fill rear tires to have made a great difference in my lawn tractor...
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And just to revive a contentious topic.... every time this subject comes up, the discussion eventually turns to "Will adding weight to the rear of the machine cause stress to the center joints and wheel motors?"

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves... :stirthepot:

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Yes, it will.

But the machine is meant to be worked.

And then overworked.

We all aspire to "woodland farms" our machines... over and over.... :D

back to you, Carl...
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Oi.... Not sure how to respond.... Feels like "Congratulations, you just won an all expense paid trip to exotic Syria"