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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
The idle on my 22hp Robin seems to be running fast at its lowest setting. I backed the set screw all the way out and with the throttle decreased all the way, the engine still seems like it is running fast. I have not messed with the springs. I looked on YouTube for a video on how to adjust idle speed on a small engine Subaru to no avail. Any suggestions?
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When I push the governor lever back toward the muffler, the engine idles beautifully. Even with the governor spring disconnected i still have to push the lever back to lower the idle speed. Is there an adjustment or something that pulls the lever back to low idle?
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My first suggestion would be to spray down all of the linkages with carb cleaner. Maybe something is gummed up.
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Thanks Moss, Sprayed everything. The new throttle cable is the exact same one that came with the machine. However the steel line in the cable seems about an inch too long. I think if I cut it the end of the steel line and re bend, I will have enough throw at the control lever back to the linkage to the governor. Right now, the way throttle cable is, there is very little throw at the front control lever, thus with the throttle all the way decreased the idle is very fast. I know I am not explaining this right, but I have played with this idle for hours now and it just seems the line in the cable is too long once fastened.
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So did the thing every idle correctly?
Or is this something that just started recently?
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I have had the tractor for a year now. And to me the idle speed has always sound fast even at low throttle. When I push the governor lever all the way back toward the muffler she idles nice and sounds like an engine should at low idle.
I am going to call Tazwell today to get their opinion.
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I cut about an inch off the new throttle steel line and re made the z in the line. Made a very big difference. She idles nice and low now. Very happy with the outcome.