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May 15, 2007
I bought a new plow and was wondering about the best way to adjust the coulter. I have it running directly in front of the plow point, but I'm not sure how much above the bottom of the plow point the bottom of the coulter should be running. I think I've got it running about 6'' high now, but that may be too high to cut fescue sod clean or not?
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Jan 30, 2007
Depth wise, the coulter shouldn't be so deep that it buries the center plate, where the coulter is riveted, or bolted to the bearing. Left to right adjustment of the coulter should be about 1" to the left of the plow, as viewed from the rear. Most coulters have a range of adjustment of 15-30 degrees swing to allow slight turns in plowing. The left to right adjustment that I mentioned above is accomplished by rotating the coulter shaft(vertical) to 1" left, then adjusting the set collar at the bottom, to allow slight deflection either way, to compensate for turns, rocks trash etc.:) :)
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Aug 29, 2005
Mt Washington, Kentucky
Where do I begin.....
The coulter should run 3/8" to 5/8' towards the land side. (Away from the moldboard) If the plow happens to have coverboards, set coulters as much as 1" towards land side. Depth is 2" to 4" deep when plow is in the ground. Competitive "match plowing" set-ups usually have the coulter running as deep as the plow to give smooth furrow wall (for appearances)

Look back through the archives in "Attachments". I did a post last winter titled "Plowing New Ground". There's a good bit on plow set-up in there. I'm hoping to do part II this fall and winter with a good bit on actual plowing techniques.

If you need more info, post again. I'll put a few pictures showing recommended coulter settings according to Ford, Massey Ferguson, and John Deere manuals.