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Jun 22, 2009
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Kubota B2620
I see many people have a plug and a socket for a front connection. This is to make it hard to connect it up wrong. But, I have never seen this on rear remotes. Nor have I seen it on frontish remotes with more than one circuit (like on the Deere X700 series).

What do you have and why?
Does the extend or the retract connection get the socket?
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Just make them the same either way for all your connections. Shouldn't matter which is extend. Connections/flow are bi-directional anyway.

Color bands are common for QA FELs where sockets are usually all on a bracket. No rules except your own.

btw, avoid TSC NPT connections/fitting/hoses unless you have strong arms or will chase crummy threads before assembly. A 'weep' is a leak.
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I believe the skid steer and/or flat face connector standard is 1 male & 1 female QD. The tractor standard is ag type QD females on the rear of the tractor & males on the impliment.

My L4060 came with both. FF on the front with mixed genders & the standard female ag type on the rear. I've color coded stuff I care about on the tractor & impliment QDs. My TnT cylinders never get unplugged so I never bothered color coding.
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Not a fan of NPT. I have a few that I will have to make. I am going to use Locktite 545 on them. I use the version for potable water on my well tanks and it worked some magic on an elbow fitting that I HAD to have in a certain direction and it was impossible to go one more turn and it was past where it needed to be. I took it apart, put the sealer on it and tightened the fitting to where I needed it. I let it set some and it has never leaked. I don't think it worked as well on some smaller fittings, but the special Teflon tape I had worked well on them (water pipes, not hydraulics).

I use JIC or SAE fittings whenever I can.
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Nothing wrong with NPT in hydraulics if done right.

IF you get in a situation like you describe where you need a fitting at a certain angle and cannot get one more turn, you can always opt for a configuration with a NPSM fitting and put it wherever you want
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On that particular job, it was 1-1/4" stainless steel. I used unions on the other joints to solve the alignment needs. I debated using one for this joint too, but decided against it, because the reviews on the unions indicated they leaked slightly. Sure enough, a couple of them did that. But, it was minor enough that I just left it and they stopped leaking in a few days. This was just water and low pressure.

With the right sealant NPT is just fine. For hydraulics, I prefer JIC or SAE.
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On a two hose setup I would put one female and one male, and you will never hook anything up wrong.... On Multi hose (3 or more), use color bands and be attentive....

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On a 2 hose setup I use 2 male ends and just put a band of red tape on the top hose..
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The benefit to having both be the same is that female coupler is more expensive than the male coupler, so you only need the more expensive couplers on the tractor and you can use the cheaper couplers I'm all your impliments.
Additionally, you can mount the female coupler into a bracket so you just have to push or pull on the hose going to the implement to connect or disconnect it from the tractor versus having to hold back the locking ring while pushing in on the hose.

Aaron Z