Am I ready for snow?

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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
BCS 850 diesel and 735 diesel
You Betcha!

Here's a pic of my 850 and 36 inch dozer blade with a 60 inch snow blade modded to fit on it. I was running a 42 inch blade on the front of the dozer blade last year and felt it was too narrow. Maybe 60 inches is too wide...? I want to find another set of 5-12 tires and dual it up if I can't push.

If there's too much snow, I'll switch over to my new-to-me 605 with a 28 inch snowblower. I used the snowblower on my 730 last year with great results. The 605 has a couple advantages over the 730. First, it's spline drive, like the snowblower, so no adapter needed. Second, differential and brakes. I had free-wheel devices on the 730, so it was every bit as maneuverable as the 605, but the free-wheel devices have some limitations I've discussed here before. Third, more speed options. This actually won't be an advantage in snowblowing. I'll be sticking with the same gears I used on the 730.

After this weekend, I'm hoping for snow!


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Your tires are backwards on the pusher.:D
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Hi! Your blade is very wide. I think . You are ready for Missing traction. May be with a lot of weights in wheels and good tires chains. May Be.
I am working to adapt a Old TORO two stages front end snowblower for my 107d GRILLO. The front PTO as GRAVELY and all Snowblowers have same side rotation Easy to adapt. BCS have bad side rotation. Thanks and good luck! Oldmech
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Hey Jean and Ron,

I guess tonight's gonna be the night to test 'em out! We're expecting 6-12 inches overnight and lotsa blowing tomorrow. I tried out the blade yesterday on the first inch of the year and think you're right that the 60 inch blade is gonna be too much for the 850 as it's set up. Since I failed at finding a set of 5-12s to dual it up, I'm gonna throw on a set of tire chains and hope for the best. We'll see tomorrow!
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Don't forget to take (and share) pictures!

Looks like you have another tractor, BCS Blue trailer, and a sweeper in the background too... anything else?
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12" snow with that plow rig? Brings to mind an old Creedence Clearwater Revival tune - "Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi, again."

Good luck, though.
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Hey Bigger,

I took it out jusy now to see what it can do with 4 or so inches. That snow is wet and HEAVY! The ol' 850 could push it until it hit a slick spot, then the build up of snow would stop it dead. I have to say I'm impressed, though. It did much better'n I expected. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna mount the chains right away and see what happens.

The 605 with the snowblower snorted a little with snow being so heavy, but didn't have much of an issue with making it go away. Much deeper and I'll hafta drop it down a gear.

Hey Perry,

I have lotsa BCS toys. My signature covers most of it.
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Hi! Thanks for very goods Videos. I think your tractor is missing wheight . If you can add 60-80 lbs by wheel this could make a better job. More heavy more you can push. More wide or double wheels do not improve traction on snow. may be worst. because less pressure by square inche on the ground.Your snowblower run very well . I try my new OLD Toro snowbower on the Grillo. Run well but I think the Gravely snowblower is a lot better.
Thanks and Good Luck! Oldmech
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Hey oldmech,

I do have a set of weight brackets I got too lazy to mount. I guess I should go out and throw them on before I push snow today.

On a side note, I've some across both an SEP snowblower and sickle mower for cheap. Have you made up an adapter for that mower I sold you? I'd prefer to fab up an adapter vs. modifying the attachments.