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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
After nearly 320 "problem-free", hardworking hours on my CK30HST, today I was forced to spend some repair dollars. Seems that some time back, I picked up a sizable piece of metal in my left front tire. I removed it, inserted 3 plugs and have worked as long as I pumped up the tire - until today. Today I had to finish digging about 80 feet of trenches so my electrical contractor will lay conduit tomorrow. By the time I finished, the air wouldn't hold between tractor moves. I had hoped, I could get a tube inserted as an inexpensive, but reliable fix - NOPE. Tire dealer, stated tire was not repairable - something about leaking past lining due to size/shape of puncture. Only fix would be a replacement tire. Even he couldn't believe they actually had one in stock, but 15 minutes and almost $190 later, it was fixed.

My Kioti has been invaluable in building my house. If anyone care to take some time and view the progress: Hawaii House Build

Still love my Kioti

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Wow. You could have built a 10X12 shack and had an awesome place. Construction there is sure different than my stick framed house that I built. I've never seen a combination of wood and metal framing like that. Your slabs looked pretty hefty. No footings around the edge? Is that some kind of cement backer board you put over the framing? Are you going to put archetectural "fake" rock on the outside. I used it on the outside of our chimney and everybody sees the big pile of rocks along the driveway and then sees the chimney and thinks the chimney is real rocks. I did the electrical on our house too. That means I had to lay my own conduit. But I didn't have to generate my electricity like you are. I wouldn't know where to start. So all Kioti owners are welcome to stay a week or two when we go to Hawaii right?:D Just have to show you our ignition key right?;) I'm picking out my room.:D
It's good to know that a front tire is only $190 in Hawaii. What's that about $100 on the mainland? :rolleyes: I'm glad it wasn't a rear tire. Did you ask how much one of those would run?
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twigpig said:
Wow. You could have built a 10X12 shack and had an awesome place.

Twigpig no disrespect is meant here but WOW doesn’t begin to cover it, Sodmo, my hat is off to you on an incredible job. :) When I watched your slide show I turned the same color as your rolling fields with envy. ;) I am surprised that you only have 320 hours of seat time. You have worked that Kioti like, well, a domesticated canine relative! I am not kidding when I say you should receive some kind of award, not only for your entire project but for the innovative use of that Kioti tractor. Any further comments beyond stating that you did “An Incredible Job” would be simple platitudes so I will leave it there. :cool:

Now as far as reservations, again Twigpig no disrespect meant here, :p Kioti ownership should be a prerequisite of course, but I think that priority should be given based upon the number of posts here on TBN, again just my thoughts on the matter! :rolleyes:

Sorry Twigpig, let me apologize for my shamelessness; I am just trying to get to the head of the line! :eek: :D
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I am so glad that you posted the link to your home pictures. The last time I looked at them, you had the slab poured. I was just thinking about it the other day.

Living my life through your pictures! What could be better than a Kioti in Hawaii???

God Bless,
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I hadn't checked your photos for a while either. Amazing progress Brah! First time I ever saw a picture of a Kioti (or any other tractor) in a living room too.

When should we book flights for the grand opening luau? Surely the Kioti will dig the cooking pit.
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Thanks Guys :)

Welcome mat always out for TBNers, especially with a Kioti key.

Brad - actually, we do live in a 16X20 shed we built. Those pics are at same site, just back up to main page and click on Shed Progress. There are times I wish we had "stopped" there. LOL

As I recall, the footers are about 18" around perimeter of slabs. The concrete work was the one phase I refused to do. Hired a terrific local guy (neighbor) at a great price. George is 71 years old and could pick you nose with his backhoe and you wouldn't know it his touch is so soft.

The panels are a form of concrete backer board with solid foam (ProTec). 3 ft wide X 8, 9, 0r 10 ft long. Galvanized C & H channels hold them together, screwed every 8 inches. The wooden posts and beams are the support for my roof, another panelized system (Galvumet) of 2 steel panels with foam. Both walls and roof have an R20 rating.

Steve - without question my Kioti has been and is my absolute best helper.

Dereck - I think if my wife had her way it would be TWO Kiotis in Hawaii. I'm not convinced she's totally placated with a Craftsman mower. hehe

IslandTractor - Actually, the Kioti made 2 trips into the livingroom, once with my tablesaw and then again with the fireplace. Not sure about digging the firepit, but I'm beginning to get delusions of being able to dig the pool. Probably won't have a luau, but have talked with wife about a party when done. I think I've got her convinced that we need possibly 3 parties - I just wouldn't be able to sample all the good food that people would bring if only a single gettogether, that wouldn't make me a verry good host, now would it?

I try not to think what a rear tire would cost - shudder!!!!!!!